White City Emerald Park Bookbags

21 years of great reading!!

We are a group of 9 women who have come together over the love of reading. Our tastes are as diverse as our personalities and the food we bring to each meeting. Over the course of our 21 years, we have read and discussed over 200 books.

March's book "A Letter from Paris" rated 2.3 out of 5. May's book choice is a book with a city in the title -"Quicksand" by Malin Persson and is Mary's pick. The meeting date is Wednesday, May 26th at Kelly's house, 7:30 p.m. Weathering permitting we will be outside by the fire pit. Alternate date is Thursday, May 27th. We will social distance and be glad to meet in person once again. Dress warm.

Reminder!! If you want to order a memory book celebrating our 20 years of reading, let Mary know as soon as possible as she will be ordering in May.

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April's Book